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Are you an existing competitive team or looking to start your journey at the next level?

SWAT is the Best Place for You!


Here's Why...

Every Club does things a little different. 
At SWAT, we have built a community of local talent with a love of soccer.  We started with a concept that we can compete without all the drama and politics of the 'Big Dollar Clubs' and put our players, parents and coaches first.  Over the years we have honed our process, experienced a few bumps in the road and came out of it with an amazing group of dedicated Coaches, Players and Community Partners, all working together with a common goal. 

 In order to determine if you, your parents and players will fit into the culture of SWAT, please review the following resources.  These are some examples of our expectations and what we want our teams to bring to the soccer community.

If these philosophies resonate with you and what you
are trying to accomplish with your team, feel free to
click on the 'Coach Inquiry'  Application below.  
We will contact you within 24-36 hours.

SWAT Soccer

SWAT Soccer

Echoes Beyond the Game

"A coach's words have lasting power.  They can elevate,
accelerate, and resonate long after they're spoken.
The coaching mission should be to develop a high-performance communication environment that allows athletes to excel
in and beyond the game itself." 


Please watch the short video below. 
It will be the best 8 minutes of your day!

SWAT Soccer

SWAT Soccer

Player Development

“If you develop players correctly; the winning takes care of itself.”

"Development and growth is a journey; children need to be supported in order to enjoy the ride."

"Trying new things means taking risks which is an important part of not only developing creative players; but players in general."