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Field Closures

​~ Field Closures~

  Are we going to have a soccer game tonight or not?!?!  Great Question!
Here is the best Answer we got.
Each Venue(Field, Park, Drainage pond, etc) has an owner.  It is up to each of those individual entities to close or keep open a field. Some are good at communicating the closure in a timely manner and some are not.  With multiple sources for information across our large geographic area, it is extremely hard to know what fields are open and which fields are closed on any given day.

In an effort to deal with the last minute uncertainty that comes with Spring Soccer, Follow us on TWITTER @L30fields for the most timely information concerning field closures. This is not the official communication avenue, but we are trying to aggregate all the sources here. As we are notified, we will update the Twitter Feed.

This is what we are trying to do:

  • If a R2(Weber and North Davis County) HOME GAME FIELD is going to be closed for the evening, we are trying to make the call and notify people by 3:30pm.  But not all fields are cooperating.
  • New for Spring 2017 - R2 HOME GAME CANCELLATIONS will get an official notice via an Affinity generated email that the game has been officially cancelled.  This email will go automatically to both the Home and Away Coach's emails listed in Affinity, with instructions on how to reschedule the game.  As a courtesy, the HOME team is still responsible for making contact with the AWAY team to confirm that they received the game cancellation message.
  • If you have not been notified of a closure via email(Coach's) and it is not listed on the state website or TWITTER @L30Fields, then the determination of game play-ability will be made AT THE FIELD and only by the Center Referee. Coach's can not cancel a game on game day- per UYSA policy.
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