Ordering your uniform is super easy!

Ordering instructions for Boys and Girls are a little different from each other. But don't worry, both are a piece of cake!

Instructions for each are given below,
but, first things first, all players need to give their jersey number to their coach !!

You can then check the virtual fitting room to get your size.
Here is the link -Fitting Room-

Girls Kit

Girls Kit


Girls uniforms will be ordered thru your coach.  

Use the virtual fitting room to find your size.
-Fitting Room- 
Then send the size and jersey number to your coach.

Eazy Peezy!!!


Boys uniforms are ordered online in the virtual store. 
Since you have already given your jersey number to your coach, you are ready to start the ordering process...

First, use the virtual fitting room to find your size...
-Fitting Room- 

Once you have your size, you're ready to order...
-Order Here-

 When you go to order, find your team name,  and then your child's name. It should already have the jersey number
pre-populated.  Just complete the order, sit back and wait for it to show up!

If your player's name does  not show up on the online ordering platform, it means you haven't given your jersey number to your coach.  It can take 24hrs for it to appear, so don't wait until the last minute...get that number to your coach! :)

Boys Kit

Boys Kit

SWAT Goalie Kit

SWAT Goalie Kit

Goalie Jersey Kit