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Youth Competitive Soccer Club

Weber County Utah UYSA

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2018/2019 Recreation Sign Ups

We have an incredible new uniform this year that looks amazing! 
The girls and the boys will each have their own custom jersey.

Click the arrow below for pictures and more information about ordering, sizing and all that good stuff!

Affinity vs sportsengine - do i need both accounts?  


Here's the lowdown on each one and why/when you will use them.

Affinity - This is the platform that UYSA uses to register players to play in the competitive league.  Once registered for UYSA at the beginning of the soccer year,  you won't use this much during the playing season. However, be sure to write down your log in and password! You will need it next year to register again for the 'next' new year.

Once you have registered to play, you will want to create a SportsEngine account. Here's what that is all about....

Sportsengine - This is the platform that SWAT soccer uses to create its Team Pages, try out registration, Team Trainings...and your coach will use it to communicate with the team (that's you).  It is linked to the App that you will want to download to your phone.  The app allows you to sync your phone to your child's team calendar, receive updates on game changes, team practices, post pics to the team page, etc.  It's a very valuable tool and one that you will use throughout the year.  There is a page dedicated to its use under the 'resources' tab above.  Be sure to set up your notification preferences. You don't want to miss out on important information from your coach!


To register to play for the first time, you can follow the link above or
 -Click Here-

After initial registration, you can log back in to make changes or
update cc info if there is a problem by following this link
 -Click Here- 
Remember...only use this link to make changes or updates, NOT to register for UYSA.

Create a SportEngine Account

Get signed up today and stay in contact with your Team.

Register for an account now!

With a sport engine account:

  • You can subscribe to your child's team
  •  Sync your calendar to your child's game and practice schedule
  • Be automatically notified of any changes to the team calendar
  • Have a direct communication tool with the team

Get the Sport Engine APP for your phone:
Google Play Store - Android

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