How to Reschedule a Game

Rescheduling Your League Games

Teams are only allowed to initiate 2 reschedules each season

  • There is a free reschedule period prior to the start of the season.  

  • You will be charged a $50 reschedule fee after the free reschedule period has closed.

  • The reschedule must be accepted by both teams in order for it to be completed.

  • Reschedules must be completed 5 days prior to the original scheduled game date.    Ex: If your game is on Saturday at 1PM, your reschedule must be completed by Monday before 1PM. 

  •  Before clicking the reschedule button, the HOME TEAM must have field and referee assignor approval for this change. This is done using the RESCHEDULE REQUEST FORM. Please visit to check field availability before submitting the request form.

  • The team initiating the reschedule should click the reschedule button after all parties have agreed on game reschedule.


If you are rescheduling for weather, no referees, or unplayable fields
DO NOT use the reschedule button. Follow the instructions listed
at the bottom of this page!


Contacting the Opposing Team 
1) Contact the opposing team via email before starting your reschedule in Affinity
2) Make sure you are logged into your team administrator account in Affinity and your photo is outlined in red
3) Click the TEAMS tab
4) On the new tab, click Tournament and Schedule Apps
5) Click Schedules/Game Scoring on the right hand side (by the team)
6) Click the opposing team name to see contact info
7) Using your email, work with the opposing team on dates and times for your reschedule
8) The HOME team must fill out the RESCHEDULE REQUEST FORM and wait for email confirmation from the field and referee assignor that the new dates, time, or location work. 


Steps to Reschedule Your Game

1) After the new reschedule information has been agreed on by all parties AND you have received email confirmation from the field and referee assignor that the new dates, time, or location work, log into your Affinity account
2) Click on the TEAM tab
3) Click on the Tournament and Schedule Apps tab
4) Click Schedules/Game Scoring
5) Click the Reschedule button by the game you are making the change to
6) Enter ALL information, including date, time, (AM/PM), Date, Field Name and Field Number
7) Click Send Request
8) The opposing team must log into their Affinity account and click Accept Request in order for the reschedule to be completed


**For games scheduled at the RAC** 
1) Field and referee assignor approval must come from the 
RACreschedules@gmail will send you back a RACTBD field letter to put the game on for the reschedule. (you can move the game with the reschedule button at this time)
2) The HOME team must contact the RAC ( to confirm if a field is available after you have confirmed referees. When the field has been reserved, you will receive a RAC FIELD NUMBER. The teams MUST send an email to in order for the RACTBD field to be updated to the correct field number.

DO NOT use the reschedule button
1. Contact the opposing team using email
     Log in to your UYSA account
     Make sure your picture is highlighted
     Click the "Teams" tab
     Click the "Tournament and Schedule Apps" tab
     Click the "Schedules/Game Scoring" tab on the right hand side next to the team you want
     Click the "Opposing Team Name" tab to see contact information
     Email all contacts from your personal email, do not use the reschedule button at this time
2. Find several reschedule dates and times that both teams agree on
4. An email will be sent with field and referee approval 
5. After receiving the approval email, the home team MUST forward the approved information to

It is up to the teams to follow all steps correctly.  The schedule will be changed when the teams have finished all steps correctly.


UYSA reserves the right to move games back to original dates, times, and locations if teams did not follow the correct steps.